About us

The platform is conceptualized by academicians with a vast experience in school education and developed by the professionals from IIT and IIMs.MyEdubag is formed to remove the non -value added elements from the process and ultimately help the students in getting the best education . We strongly believe that education is not a business. But with an objective of giving best platform to the students, we have to arrange, acquire and allocate the best available resources which are a cost, and to meet that cost we charge the minimum price to our customers.We are against to the fact that education in our country is becoming money making business/class and ed-tech companies are just trying to take the advantage of this segment by overcharging parents.( we strongly oppose this).Education should not just end-up by becoming a status symbol hence MyEdubag is founded. The deliverables offered by us are just not limited to academics .MyEdubag is loaded with so many unique features, which will make you fee complete.